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The city on the river Tom.

City sightseeing tour, which will show excursionists a rich history of Tomsk and tell about its past and future. Excursionists will visit the most remarkable and memorable places of the town.

Legends about Tomsk.

This excursion is intended for people, who want to get information about ancient legends, connected with our city. Each town has its own legends. Our city Tomsk is not exclusion. Legendary appearance of the town is also observed in ancient Tatar legends and in later legends about a great old man. Fairy beauty Toma, strong and courageous Ushai, martial prince Basandai, calm and wise old man Fedor Kuzmich will appear before excursionists.   Excursionists will know about truly native spirit of our old town.

Wooden lace of Tomsk.

You will know about Tomsk wooden architecture, about the history and the creation process of beautiful monuments. You will hear poems of  Tomsk poets, which are devoted to the unique phenomenon- Tomsk towers with air, weightless laces.

Tomsk temples.

Excursionists will have a unique opportunity to visit all operating temples of Tomsk. They will imagine themselves an ancient appearance of Tomsk with its amazing old churches, many of which have disappeared a long time ago. They will listen to the history of Tomsk temples, which always play a great role in the life of polyethnic Siberian town. They will imagine in their heads the life of Tatar tribes with their heathen beliefs and Russian tales, which have brought Christianity to Siberian.

Siberian Athens (Tomsk Universities).

You will get acquainted with the origin of Universities and know about the activity of the first-rate residents of Tomsk, who have connected their life with the enlightenment of Siberia. You will see the student life, visit the main temples of science and dip into the atmosphere of Siberian Athens.

Where are the horses rushing…

This excursion will acquaint you with one of the main activities of Tomsk residents in 18-19 centuries- carrier’s trade. You will know the history of Tomsk arms origin; hear legends, connected with the main symbol of our town. You will have an opportunity to visit Tomsk hippodrome. Communication with beautiful and smart animals, riding will make a great impression on you.

Tomsk theatres.

You will know about the first town theatres and the theatres, which operate nowadays. You will have an opportunity to visit some of them and dip in romantic atmosphere of theatre.

Merchant Tomsk.

You will know about the life of Tomsk merchants and their contribution in the development of the city.

Poetic Tomsk.

Excursionists will hear the history of Tomsk, reflected in the poems of Tomsk poets; get acquainted with a new, romantic appearance of native town. They will know many new and interesting things about Tomsk television, cinema and theatres, hear fascinating legends, connected with Tomsk land. Excursionists will closer acquaint with spiritual life of Siberian town, which have always been the most important cultural centers beyond Ural.


Absorbing trip to the confectionery «Red Star» tells you about the history and the process of sweets creation. Sweet presents!

Out -of – town excursions:

Tomskaya Pisanitsa Museum.

It is located on the area of the woodland park (140 hectare) on the right bank of the river Tom in Yashkin area, Kemerovo region. You will get acquainted with cliff art of our ancestors, see mysterious pictures, which were made in 2000 A.D. The museum consists of several complex open areas (Ancient Sanctuary «Tomskaya Pisanitsa», The Area of Mythology and Epos of Siberian people, the place of ancient buildings and graves, Asian Cliff Art Museum, the Nature of culture preserve, Architectural-ethnographical complex «Shorsky ulus Kezek», Slavic mythological forest, Mongolian jurt).

Forest Museum (Timiryazevo).

There is a great opportunity to see the beauty of nature of our region.

Bogashovo Airport.

Sightseeing excursion, which will help you to know about the history and the structure of airport. Moreover, you can get into a plain and a cabin.

You can visit any museum and theatre of Tomsk with our help.

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