There are not many places in Russia where the real trophy hunting and fishing are possible.

But Tomsk region is one of them. There is a great quantity of fishing and hunting grounds, inhabited with bears, elks, reins, hares, foxes, partridges, hazel grouses, wood grouses, heath-cocks, ducks. All of hem can be your chase!

For all those who need unforgettable sensations «Tomskturist» organizes winter fowling, fishing trips and bait hunting for the bear and for the bear’s den. Forest guards will help you to chase animals and to make preprocessing.

Fishing: in summer season — spinning and fly-fishing, in winter — with special winter-fishing rods and trolling.

Major types of sports fishing — pike and perch, additional — nerfling, crucian carp, pike – rudd.

We are glad to invite you to visit magnificent taiga sites, to stay at the splendid corners of untouched nature, to hide from city noise and routine, or just enjoy the amenities of  Siberian nature, pristine forests, clear lakes, heady air and to gain energy, become revive.

Hunting for Hunting season
bait hunting for bear (about 8 days) August–October
– hunting for bear in lair (about 3 days) November–February
Elk November–February
Rein deer November–February
Wolf All year round
Wild ducks April–May
Wood grouse September–February
Heathcock September–February
Fishing Fishing season
Pike, pearch, crucian carp, nerfling All year round

Russian banya and deep sleep in the fresh air will ensure high energy status, excellent health and spirit.

Professional yager’s service in organization of individual hunting allows all visitors to take trophies back as amemory of the exciting trip.

You’ll be offered to move by helicopters Mi2, Mi8, by snowmobile, landrovers, comfortable

cars, boats and motor launches.

Reference price includes:

  • Accommodation at the comfortable hunting and fishing centers.
  • Competent briefing about hunting, fishing and accident prevention.
  • Transfer.
  • Nutrition.

We provide foreign guests with:

  • Visa support.
  • Registration for entry / exit arm permission.
  • Translating service.
  • Meeting at the airport, customs supervision assistance.
  • Trophy exit permit.
  • Escort.

* Personal insurance is obligatory.

** Trophy preparation payment is not included.

Hunting or fishing programme has to be coordinated individually according to the quantity of participants and trip duration.



Bait hunting for bear -  2000 euro

Hunting for bear in lair – 3000 euro

Hunting for elk – 1000 euro

Hunting for wood grouse – 200 euro


Fishing for pike more than 10 kilos – 100 euro

Fishing for 10 kilo pike – 50 euro

Fishing for 5 kilo pike – 25 euro

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